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Dec 13, 2012 10:00pm PST
to see the movie. >> reporter: so why the potential for nausea? the prequel to the lord of the rings trilogy, using new 3d technology that resembles high definition tv. it has a high frame rate, double the standard we've been used to for 85 years, making images more vivid and intense than ever. patrick of the berkeley digital film institute says it's like going from vinyl to cd. >> for people who are motion sensitive it's going to be very stroboscopic. it's going to be too crisp. >> reporter: don't expect it to replace the current more comfortable viewing standard. >> it's just very organic, very rich, very easy on the eyes. it contains that mystical quality that film has. >> reporter: some hobbit fans opted against the high-tech version. >> i didn't want to camp out and spend a lot of money on a movie that would make me potentially sick. >> reporter: others were intrigued. >> i'd like to see if this is going to progress the movie industry forward. >> reporter: warner brothers says it has not encountered problems with audiences having motion sickness. it says they'll be part of a gro
Dec 16, 2012 10:00pm PST
be called the as the stomach turns. people watching it get sick. ,,,, the latest adventure in the "lord of the rings" saga pr to be magical at the box office ts weekend. the hobbit raked in a whoppg 84- million dollars. "rise of the guardians" was a dis second -- ma . >>> the latest adventure proved to be magical at the box office. the hob bit raised an $84 million. lincoln, sky fall and life of pi, rund rounded out the top -- rounded out the top five. >> you'll need a strong stomach if you want to see the hobbit. >> the new movie is making some people physically ill. >> some people who have already seen the hobbit in new zealand, report an unexpected experience, motion sickness from the high action scenes. it wasn't even a consideration for the first woman in line at this san francisco theater. i just want to see the movie. >> so why the potential for nausea? it's the first major studio film to use 3d technology to reassembly hd tv. it's making images more vivid and intention than ever. patrick of the best of my recollection ly film insurance institute, it's going to be very crisp arou
Dec 17, 2012 10:00pm PST
often in prayer. father, i ask that you be with us tonight, lord. >> reporter: about 70 people attended a candlelight vigil at the south valley community church to pray, mourn, and heal. >> this christmas we ask you to heal us, to help us, to be born anew in us, and to be with those surviving students. >> reporter: the victims names were read aloud. a candle lit up for each one of them. they photos, all 26 flashed on screen. the vigil was as much for the victims as it was for the local community. >> the question is are we preparing ourselves for when it comes? are we preparing ourselves so that we're able to feel this in a proactive way. so that on the outcome we are stronger on the other end. >> reporter: as the pastor said, one way to deal with anger, fear, and anxiousness from a tragedy is with hope. in gilroy, cbs 5. >>> investigators looking into the school shootings are questioning two school staff members who were injured, but survived. they are also piecing together a timeline of how the tragedy unfolded. cbs reporter has that part of the story. >> reporter: 20-year-old adam lan
Dec 2, 2012 8:30am PST
, and the shark is now the most recommended vacuum brand in america. >> lord love a duck. is there anything it doesn't do? >> it doesn't cost $600. >> hey... [comical drumbeat] >> announcer: the trouble with most vacuums? as soon as you turn them on they begin to clog and lose suction. and they're so heavy and hard to steer. dyson solved those problems with their no loss of suction and steering technology, but those solutions cost nearly $600. two years ago shark introduced their amazing lift-away upright which truly revolutionized the vacuum industry because it too offered no loss of suction and swivel steering technology. but it also featured a sealed system, and it converted into a lightweight and portable vacuum, all for one-third the price of a dyson. even after two years of home usage, the result is over 95% of shark owners still recommend it to a friend. go online yourself to see all the four- and five-star reviews the shark has earned. all this proudly made shark the most recommended vacuum in america. and now shark has redefined the vacuum industry again! introducing the all-new, r
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4